Hobbs & Shaw’s Vanessa Kirby and Jason Statham’s age difference has the internet laughing – Entertainment Weekly News

Hobbs & Shaw’s Vanessa Kirby and Jason Statham’s age difference has the internet laughing – Entertainment Weekly News

When it comes to theFast & Furiousmovies, some suspension of disbelief is necessary. This isa franchise that started with humble beginnings of a street racing crew stealing truckloads of DVD playersand somehow spiraled into flying cars through the air, saving the world, bioengineered super soldiers (and maybe even going to space?!). Runways are over 26 miles long.Fights never actually end with a winner or loser for vanity’s sake. Fans forgive a lot for the fast-paced, exponentially increasing stakes and NOS-infused, adrenaline-racing action. But there’s one glaring mistake inHobbs & Shawthat has the internet laughing.

In the firstFast & Furiousspinoff film,Dwayne JohnsonandJason Stathamreturn to reprise their roles as enemies-turned-begrudging allies Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw, respectively. We meet both sides of their extended families, with Hobbs returning to his estranged Samoan family after decades away and Shaw bringing his incredibly competent, sometimes not-so-legal family together (minus his brother, but we’ll get to that in a minute).Vanessa Kirbyis the most badass, fierce, and welcome addition to theFastfamily as Shaw’s sister Hattie, but despite how much she steals every scene she’s in, there’s just one issue that can’t be ignored.

Let’s lay out the facts. Hattie and Shaw are siblings. Kirby is 31 years old while Statham is 52. The age difference between them is 21 years. It’s not that crazy to hear about siblings who are 21 years apart. It’s definitely possible (and in a lot of cases, real!). And factor in that their missing sibling, Owen Shaw, is played byLuke Evans, who is 40, helping balance out that difference as the solid middle child. Plus,Helen Mirren, who plays the Shaw matriarch Magdalene “Queenie,” is 74 which logically makes sense for children that age. Queenie would have been 22 when she had her oldest child, 34 for her middle, and  43 for her last (and that’s the most math we’ve had to do in a long time). It checks out. (However, you know what doesn’t check out? The Shaw family not even mentioning Owen’s name during all their happy family reunion time. What is he, chopped liver?!)

But the problem presented inHobbs & Shawcomes in the form of flashbacks that show Shaw and Hattie carrying out cons and schemes together when they were young kids. Uh, correct us if we’re wrong here but there’s no way that anyone with a 21-year age gap would ever be kids at the same time. The closest they’d come to playing together is a 23-year-old Shaw taking his 2-year-old sister Hattie out in the neighborhood for a stroll. And yetHobbs & Shawwants you to believe the happiest time in both of their lives was when they were both around 10 at the same time, maybe only a few years difference between them, pulling elaborate pranks together on the other kids in the neighborhood? Mhmm. We may not be mathematicians but something is definitely off in those calculations!

And the internet has definitely noticed.

We guess if everyFast & Furiousfilm is now taking creative liberties with science and math (like the fact thata mere mortal like Hobbs can wrangle a helicopter with his bare hands!), then it looks likeHobbs & Shawis fitting right in.

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